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Herb Millro Classic

The Herb Millro Classic is a members only tournament that is held each year around the winter holiday season.  The 2017/18 tournament will be held December 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2017 at the Amy Yee Tennis Center.  Check back soon for more information on how to register!

The tournament is a memorial to Herb "Herbie" Millro who was very instrumental in the success of the Seattle Tennis Alliance.  As one of the original founding members, Herbie could always be found on the Broadway Playfield courts where the STA was born back in 1984.  His passion for the game was contagious and he was always willing to develop the skills of the younger players.  Herbie's connections within the Seattle tennis community helped put the STA on solid ground with the GLTA, USTA, the Nordstrom Tennis Facility and the Amy Yee Tennis Center.  His presence on the STA Board of Directors shaped many of the activities members today enjoy.  Herbie's tireless energy and sparkling personality shined brightly until his untimely death.  His spirit lives within many of us who knew him well and he will forever be remembered as the driving force of the success of the Seattle Tennis Alliance.