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The Seattle Tennis Alliance is a non-profit USTA Community Tennis Association with roots in the LGBT community. We are about tennis and welcome everyone!  We organize tennis events, maintain a challenge ladder, field USTA teams at all levels of play and organize other social events throughout the year. Whether you are a serious competitive tennis player, or just enjoy meeting with others for a friendly social game, we have regular events for you!

Members - Please login for access to the member menu.

If you are interested in being a part of the STA or would like to learn more, visit our ''about us'' page or "Join" to sign up now!

Seattle Classic This Weekend!
Tournament Information Website

Welcome to tournament weekend!  For detailed tournament information including draws and time/places of activities, just click on the link above.

If you enjoy watching tennis, check out the action at the University of Washington Nordstrom Tennis Center and IMA Courts!

Thanks to our sponsors, the USTA, Rx Bar and Madison Pub!

Summer Doubles Is Here! 

Summer doubles is running most every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Lower Woodland Park Tennis Courts #5, 6, 7 and 8.  In addition Women's Doubles night is every other week starting from 7:00pm - 8:30pm at Solstice Park in West Seattle.  All of this is of course weather permitting!

We ask that all participants pay on-line if at all possible.  This can be done right from your mobile device at the court or earlier in the day from any computer.  We will still accept exact cash on-site for the events, but we will no longer have change.  Note that we have capped the number of people who can sign up in any given week to ensure folks will never have to site more than one rotation, if at all!

If you are interested in being a substitute host, please contact any board member via email at

2018 STA Pac-Cup Team Now Recruiting!

The STA is hosting the 2018 Pac Cup competition at Sand Point Tennis Center August 25th and 26th and we are looking for players to represent Seattle against teams from other west coast cities! 

Pac Cup is designed for players with a GLTA 'B' (USTA 3.5) rating.  While there are a limited number of slots (5) for players with a mixed ratings (at least singles or doubles rating that qualifies) the remainder of the 12 slots must be players with no more than the GLTA 'B' rating in both singles and doubles.  To participate in Pac Cup, you must be a member of the STA (another reason to join!).

The team will be selected based on team ladder challenge match results and the discretion of the team captains.  Though try-outs are competitive, in the spirit of the STA, we also aim to have fun and ensure that all who play or cheer on others have a positive experience.

The STA team will again be captained by Mark Hanses and Blaine Inafuku.  If you would like to participate in team try-outs, contact Mark or Blaine at today!


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