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The Seattle Tennis Alliance board is made up of elected club members who volunteer their time to guide the club and support the many year round events enjoyed by the club.  Below is a brief bio for each.

President: Gary Renville

Gary joined the STA after moving to Seattle from Atlanta in 2016. He served as the Secretary of the STA until being elected President in the fall of 2017.  Though he didn't start playing tennis until his mid-thirties, he has been making up for lost time ever since. His passion for the game has not only shown on the court, but also in his activities off the court.  Gary founded and for three years directed the GLTA Rocky Mountain Open in Denver and served for two years as director of the Atlanta GLTA tournament 'The Peach'. Gary also served a two-year term on the national USTA committee for inclusion and diversity. Despite being a newcomer to Seattle, Gary has jumped right in and is captain of his USTA 3.0 men's team. 

Gary joined the board to help raise the visibility of STA, in hopes of recruiting more active members dedicated to tennis play and friendly competition that is inclusive and supportive of all. 

Vice President: Marc Delphine

Marc has been a member of the STA for many years and recently was elected to the position of vice president.  Marc is originally from Portland and is proud to be a lifetime resident of the pacific northwest! Marc has played tennis for most of his life and enjoys the sport because of the mental and physical athleticism it requires to excel.  He believes that the individual that works hardest at both components is usually rewarded as the victor!  When not on the court, Marc is a work out and yoga enthusiast.

Marc began volunteering with the STA to be more involved and make the organization more approachable and welcoming.  As a gay man, he believes that the STA is the perfect way to make friends and stay active in the community. 

Treasurer: Steve Andryszewski

Steve has served 2 terms as STA President and now holds the position of treasurer of the club.  He hails from the Jersey shore and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than 17 years.  Over the past 25 years Steve has enjoyed the game of tennis in particular because of the combination of power, finesse, strategy and problem solving he can attempt to apply on the court. Steve is also an avid fan of live theater having been a performer a few years ago in New York City.

The STA is important to Steve because he believes that the club plays an important role in the Seattle GLBT community.  By providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere at events, it allows people to feel included and share the common bond of tennis to meet and enjoy the sport we all love.

Korland Simmons
Secretary: Korland Simmons

Korland has just recently joined the STA after moving to Seattle from Jersey City, NJ this past summer. Originally from Little Rock, AR, Korland only began playing tennis in his mid-to- late twenties but has been in love with the game ever since.

One of his other passions is music and you can find him, most Sundays, in the choir at St. James Cathedral. He hopes to begin singing regularly with the local opera companies in the PNW.

Korland joined the board as a way to learn more about STA and its membership. He hopes to use his NYC tennis league experiences as a springboard to help the STA grow and continue to be a welcoming organization.

Tournament Director: Open

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Membership Director: Jason Herrera

Jason moved to Seattle from Petersburg, Alaska in 1999.  He began playing tennis shortly after that and loves the game because it is both an individual and team sport.  He also likes the endurance required to chase balls around the court!  Jason joined the STA board to ensure the club would always be around for people and thought it was his turn to step up and help.  The STA is important to Jason because it helped him through a very difficult time in his life.  When not chasing balls, Jason enjoys reading, writing and video games.

Webmaster: Chris Pouliot

Chris has lived in the Seattle area for more than 16 years.  Originally from southern New Hampshire, Chris began playing tennis at a very young age and played in both high school and college.  He enjoys tennis because of the competition and camaraderie.  When not playing tennis, Chris enjoys spending time on home projects and enjoying fine food and wine.

Chris has been a long time member of the STA and served as tournament director for the Seattle Classic in 2004 and 2017. Chris was recently elected to the webmaster post for the STA and looks forward to helping to shape the public look and feel of the club to the community and playing a part in helping the club grow and offer interesting programs to its members.

Director at Large 1: Christine Neilson

Christine is from London, England moving to Los Angeles in 1991 then relocating to Seattle in 2012, so she and her wife Barbara could be closer to their grandchildren in Vancouver, WA.

She first picked up a tennis racket in her mid-twenties and became hooked but did not play regularly until joining LATA in Los Angeles. Christine finds tennis to be a great way to get exercise and loves the challenge of improving her game. One of her goals is to incorporate the travelling she and her wife do with playing in GLTA tournaments and attending WTA & ATP tournaments around the world.

As  a member of the STA board Christine hopes to help STA in its growth, particularly in encouraging more women to join and participate.

Director at Large 2: Open

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